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The olive grove &  olive mill tour with cooking lessons

«If you disintegrate Greece, you will see that what you are left in the end with is  an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat.  Which means: with these three you can rebuild it”  Odysseas Elytis, Nobel Awarded Greek Poet

With more than 7000 years of history in Greece, olive trees have a deep rooted connection with the island’s past and present.

Sacred symbols of peace, wisdom and prosperity olive trees along with their products are the “centerpieces” of the Greek culture and cuisine.

So, what could be wiser than visiting the olive groves and olive mill of Logothetis Organic Farm in the  graceful village of Vasilikos.

Explore the absolute freedom, serenity, the Mediterranean light and nature offered in the farm’s 80 hectares. Find out the secrets of the ancient olive trees. Learn everything you want to know about the traditional olive oil production from your tour attendant in the farm’s olive mill. Produce your own olive oil. Join a private olive oil tasting or an olive oil cooking lesson. And now, just wonder… Are you feeling sp-oil-ed enough?


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