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The Noble Card General Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of all memberships

Acceptance: Use of a membership card or code constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions listed herein.

Membership Card: The membership card or code is the property of the issuing agent and must be returned upon request. Membership cards or codes have no cash value and do not guarantee reservation.

Membership Benefit Conditions: All Membership Benefits are valid only during the Membership Term and shall automatically expire thereafter.  All benefits are subject to availability, valid seven days a week, excluding Black-Out Dates, and may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.

Transferable Benefits:

  1. Transferable: Benefits may be used by the Member or by a Member’s escort. The Member/ Membership Card need not be present at time of guests’ use of the benefit.

Modifications (Restaurant, Spa, Program Partners or any other service included in the The Noble Card & Benefit Changes): Participating restaurants and all above mentioned outlets and partners may cease to honor benefits without prior notice. Benefits may also be subject to change without prior notice. Wherever possible, Members will be kept updated on all such modifications. Members can also verify restaurant (etc.) participation & benefits by website’s + App updates and by calling the hotel’s Concierge.

Lost/Stolen Membership Materials: All lost or stolen certificates will be replaced with no charge.  Lost or stolen membership cards must be reported to App messaging field or to the hotel’s Concierge.

Limitation of Liability: In no event shall the owners, operators, franchisors or licensors of any hotel that may accept the benefits of membership herein, or any of their affiliated or subsidiary companies, or their directors, agents, managers, or employees, or the proprietor or the marketing agent of the Membership Program (hereinafter collectively “Protected Parties”) be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages; and without limiting the generality thereof, including any loss, cost or damage to, or suffered by, the Member or others, arising from defects, negligence, delays, failure of performance or non-performance, including all claims, demands, obligations, liabilities, indebtedness, breaches of contract, breaches of duty or of any relationship, liability for acts, omissions, misfeasance, malfeasance, damages of every type, nature or kind suffered by Members or others, resulting from the action, or inaction of the hotel or its agents or employees in connection with the Benefits provided to Member herein.  In the event of a breach of any the provisions hereof by any Protected Party, the extent of any liability of any such Protected Party shall be limited to the amounts paid by Member as a subscription for membership in the marketing program.



These Terms & Conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions of the Noble Card


1.1 Definitions

“ Hotel” is any hotel property currently under the management of Contessina Collection


“Noble Card ” is the loyalty program of Contessina Collection.


“Awards & Vouchers” are the offers, which can be redeemed using Card Points and include “Redemption Vouchers”.


“A Card Member” or ‘’Member’’ is any person who has completed an official registration and accepted the Noble Card Terms & Conditions.


“Noble Card” or “Card” is the membership card issued by Contessina Collection to a person who is a Member of the Loyalty Program


“Card Points” or “Points” are the reward currency earned by using the  Noble Card.


“Privileges” are the amenities and services provided to Members as a benefit of membership.


“Program Partner” is a third party which offers privileges or awards to  Card Members.


“Redemption” is a form of payment using  Card Points as a tender to acquire goods and services defined by the Noble Card.


1.2 The Noble Card is issued by and remains the property of Contessina Collection. It is not a credit card and is free of charge.


1.3 Cancellation of Membership: Contessina Collection reserves the right to decline to issue or withdraw Card membership at any time, or to terminate the validity of the Card membership together with the benefits attached thereto at any time. The Noble Card must be returned without delay to Contessina Collection when requested. Cancellation of membership will result in the loss of all accumulated Points.


1.4 Termination Date: The Noble Card has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as Contessina Collection decides to terminate it, with or without notice. The CArd accepts no responsibility for any points that remain in members’ accounts after such termination.


1.5 Program Changes: Contessina Collection reserves the right to amend, update or change any aspect pertaining to the Card Program including the Terms & Conditions, at any time in whole or in part without advising Members. Continued participation in the Card will constitute a Member’s acceptance of any such amendment, modification, or supplementation. Members are responsible for remaining knowledgeable of the Card Terms and any changes, modifications, or additions to the Card Program.


1.6 Partners responsibility: Contessina Collection is not responsible for Program Partner withdrawals from the Loyalty Program, which may affect the Awards offered.


1.7 Program Notifications: The Card will endeavour to advise Members of matters of interest, including notification of changes to details of promotions and other offers. However, the Noble Card accepts no liability for correspondence lost or delayed in the postal system or via electronic mail.


1.8 Program Corrections: Contessina Collection reserves the right to change the printed or uploaded offers at any time and to correct any typographical errors, errors of description, or errors regarding participating properties and Program Partners at any time without informing members.


1.9 Printed information & Website: All details in the latest Card printed materials and the official website and App form part of these Conditions of Membership.


1.10 Member’s Security: When a Member contacts the Noble Card representatives, for security reasons Contessina Collection may request date of birth and/or other information to verify the Member’s identity.


1.11 The Card designated officers will only engage in communication with the registered Member.


1.12 Sale or Barter of Points: The sale or barter of any Card Points, Awards & Vouchers or other card benefits is prohibited.


1.13 Lost / Stolen Cards: In case the Noble Card is lost, stolen or damaged the Member must inform the hotel’s Concierge in writing to the email indicated below.


1.14 Contact Details: Any correspondence sent to Members is based on the contact details provided to Contessina Collection. Each Member is responsible for updating his/her information on the official website, in writing to the Hotel’s Concierge.


1.15 Interpretation of Terms: All interpretations of these Terms & Conditions of Membership shall be at the sole discretion of Contessina Collection.


1.16 Legal Jurisdiction: These Conditions of Membership are governed by the laws of and are applicable in the Republic of Greece. In the event of any dispute, the Member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Greece.


1.17 Availability at Hotels: Members are responsible to check with the relevant Contessina Collection Hotel for the availability of any special offer that could affect the enjoyment of their visit. The Member should ask upon arrival at the hotel for any additional benefits valid for that property. All services, amenities and benefits are subject to availability and subject to the terms and conditions of each Participating Hotel. All services, amenities and benefits are offered at all Participating Hotels. Contessina Collection may update benefits shown as available or credited to a Member at any time.


1.18 Limited by Length of Stay: Selected Privileges may be limited depending on length of stay.


1.19 Availability: All Privileges, Vouchers and Awards are subject to availability.


1.20 Card communication: The Card will communicate with members via e-mail, messaging or any other medium which is considered appropriate. The Company reserves the right to inform its members about activities of the Contessina Collection, as well as third party activities associated with the above Group of Companies.



  1. Application for Membership


2.1 Eligibility: Membership in the Noble Card is free of charge and is available to any individual over the age of 18 who:


2.1.1 possesses the legal authority to agree to the Card



2.1.2 resides in a jurisdiction that legally permits participation in the Club


2.1.3 provides valid and accurate personal information when enrolling in the Card


2.1.4 is not already a member of other loyalty programs operated by Contessina Collection


2.1.5 is not an employee of the Contessina Collection Group and associated companies.


2.1.6 has not previously been terminated from any loyalty program operated by Contessina Collection.


2.2 Mandatory Fields: Contessina Collection may reject any application if mandatory information is not supplied accurately and in full.


2.3 Termination of Account: The Member may terminate membership by submitting a written notice, signed by the Member, to the  Card responsible services. Membership will be terminated immediately upon receipt of such notice. All unredeemed  Card Points will be forfeited immediately and will not be reinstated or transferred.


2.4 Fraudulent Activity. If a Member suspects or learns of any fraudulent activity related to their Member account, including, without limitation, unauthorized redemption or transfer of Card Points, the Member must report the fraudulent activity within 60 days of it occurring to the  Card Responsible Service. Credit or debit of any Points in question to the Member will be at Contessina Collection sole discretion. The  Card reserves the right to cancel any Membership account that has been registered using fraudulent details.


  1. The Cards & Categories


3.1 The Noble Card is not transferable. It can only be used by the cardholder.


3.2 Each issued Noble Card has an exclusive membership number.


3.3 The  Card membership is available only to individuals. Not to companies, partnerships, associations, groups or other entities. Contessina Collection may refuse membership without a given reason.


3.4 Member & Card Categories:


  • Member Entry Level (Cavaliere): Member entry levels will receive entry base points once they join the Noble Card.


  • Second Level (Vis-Conte): The Card is valid until the Member reaches Third status.


  • Third Level (Conte): The Card is issued when the member has collected the appropriate points and is valid for life.


3.5 Validity: The Club Card is only at Contessina  Hotels, Partner Properties and with Official Partners as listed on the official Contessina Collection  website and App.


  1. Earning Privilege Card Points


See Contessina Collection official web site for correct points earning methods.


4.1 Status & Award Points: Card Points are the reward currency of the Noble Card.


Status Points : are credited for each eligible transaction and cannot be redeemed. Status Points reflect the category (Member entry level, Second or Third Level) of the Member.

Status Bonus Points: as currently declared on the Contessina Collection website and App.


4.2 Presentation of Card: To receive points, Members must present a valid Card or valid code to the Hotel Reception or Concierge at the time of check–in. Otherwise, Card Points will not be credited. Allow 7 days after the transaction (departure from the hotel) for Card Points to reach the Members’ Account.


4.3 Errors: Contessina Collection reserves the right to correct any Card Point values or statements at any time or when the error is realized.


4.4 Missing points: If the Member wishes to claim any adjustment to the number of Card Points credited or for retroactive Card Points, the Member must do so within twelve months from date of the hotel visit, by sending written details to  Card Responsible Services, with a copy of the bill for which the Member did not receive the correct number of  Card Points. Failure to supply the adequate documentation may result in the denial of such Points’ credit. Contessina Collection reserves the right to decline any retroactive Points requests.


4.5 Member’s Account: Members may view their Card Points on the Noble Card App or at the participating Contessina Collection Hotels. After every transaction the Card Member is responsible to check the accuracy of the numbers of points earned.


4.6 One Card / Room: Points will be credited only to one card for each room bill. The points will be credited to the main name on the reservation.


4.7 Booked Room Type: For visits to a Contessina Collection Hotel, the number of Card Points awarded will be based upon the room type booked and paid for, even if a different room type is provided.


4.8 Non–eligible accommodation rates are defined as:


4.8.1 Airline crew rates

4.8.2 Travel industry employee rates

4.8.3 Group bookings (including reservations for over 10 rooms, conference, corporate events)

4.8.4 When the Member’s accommodation is paid by other party (e.g. company events, conferences)

4.8.5 Contessina Collection employee rates.

4.8.6 Barter, complimentary and redemption (free) stays.


4.9 Eligible Charges


Eligible charges will receive points only if they are charged to the room bill.


Members receive points on hotel services including:


4.9.1 Food & drinks in the hotels’ restaurants and bars


4.9.2 Spa therapies and products


4.9.3 Laundry and dry cleaning


4.9.4 Telephone charges


4.9.5 Experiences + Excursions (booked by Reception Desk, Concierge and App)


4.9.6 Transfers


4.10 Non-Eligible Charges


4.10.1 Taxes and service charges


4.10.2 Any bills paid on behalf of the Member to a third party and charged to their room bill.


4.11 Transferring Points:  Card Points cannot be transferred to any other Member account.


4.12 Pre-membership Points: Points cannot be credited for visits to a Participating Hotel before the guest completes the loyalty registration process.


4.13 Bonus points


4.13.1 Member LevelWhen new guests enroll to The Noble Card they will automatically receive bonus base points.


4.13.2 Seasonal Promotions


At its discretion, The Card may award Bonus Points on an ad hoc basis including but not limited to seasonal double points, activity awards. Where limited dates apply to a promotion, only Member’s activity within the specified dates will be eligible for Bonus Points. Bonus Points will be credited as basic points.


4.13.3 Category Bonus Points

Members will receive bonus points for activity relating to their account. These bonus points will only be credited from the time that the Member reaches the equivalent status and for their duration in that status.


4.14 Partners


A Member may earn Card Points by purchasing merchandise or services from companies that are affiliated with the Card as listed on the Card website under “Partners”. The Member will only earn Card Points by booking Partners’ services via the hotels’ reception, Concierge or App. Card Points earned in connection with the purchase of merchandise or services are subject Card Terms along with any applicable terms and conditions of the Partner.


4.15 Corporate Points

4.15.1 If the Member’s accommodation is paid by his/her employer, principal or client, the Member is responsible for notifying his/her employer, principal or client of any Card Points received and for complying with any applicable laws, gift policies and incentive policies.


4.15.2 The Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Contessina Collection and associated companies from any liability, costs and damages relating to claims of any third party arising from a failure to disclose the receipt of Card Points or any other incentives.


  1. Discounts


5.1 Presentation of Card: To receive Card Discounts from a Participating Hotel or Program Partner (shops, car hire, etc.), a valid Noble Card must be presented at the time of ordering/reservation and before payment is concluded. Failure to do so will result in no discount.


5.2 Cash Transactions: Hotel service discounts (food & drinks, spa, etc.) are not available on cash transactions. The discounts will be deducted from the Member’s final accommodation invoice on departure.


  1. In Hotel Benefits & Services



The Noble Card and any member benefits are subject to change. Member’s benefits are subject to availability. Only the cardholder Member is entitled to the benefits associated with the Noble Card.

See: Contessina Collection official web site for current members’ benefits & services.


  1. Redemption of Noble Card Points

See: Club official web site for current redemptions options.


Redemption Vouchers are subject to availability which may limit offering all products and services offered by the Card or any of the Program Partners. Redemption of Vouchers may also be limited during certain times of the year.


7.1 Declined Redemption: Contessina Collection reserves the right to decline a Redemption if the correct procedure is not adhered to.


7.2 Registered Member: Card Points may only be redeemed by the registered Member for Redemption Vouchers as specified by Contessina Collection.


7.3 Name on Voucher: The Voucher is issued in the member’s name or to a third party as authorized by the Member (gift voucher).


7.4 Not-exchangeable: Card Points and Redemption Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash and no change for outstanding amounts will be given.  Card Points can only be used in exchange for Redemption Vouchers.


7.5 Transaction Date: Card Points are deducted from the Member’s account on the day that the Redemption Voucher is issued.


7.6 Points Required: The number of points required for each redemption is in accordance with the current Card Redemption List on web official site and App.


7.7 Fraudulent Use: Vouchers believed to have been bartered, sold, exchanged, or issued fraudulently, or issued to someone other than the eligible Card Member, will be void and will not be honored.


7.8 Application: The Member must complete and sign a Redemption Application Form.


7.9 Contact: To claim a Redemption Voucher, Members must contact the Reception or Hotel Concierge.


7.10 Free Stay Vouchers


7.10.1 Application: Members who have collected the required number of points must apply in writing for a free stay voucher from the Reservation Department of Contessina Collection.

7.10.2 Name on Voucher: The Voucher is issued in the Member’s names or to a third party designated by the Member (Gift Voucher). The voucher may only be used by the named person on the Voucher.


7.10.3 Maximum Redemption: Free Stay Vouchers are issued for one night / per Member.


7.10.4 Room Availability: Vouchers are issued according to room availability – and for a single or double occupancy for standard rooms and suites.


7.10.5 Identification: The Voucher must be given to the hotel reception on arrival. The guest using the Free Stay Voucher may be required at check-in to show proper identification and provide a credit card to the Participating Hotel for incidental charges.


7.10.6 Cancellations: The Member must inform the Card Services of any cancellations. If Voucher is not officially cancelled, Points will not be credited.


7.10.7 The standard Contessina Collection cancellation policies will apply to Club reservations – redemptions including, without limitation. Based on all minimum length of stay requirements, credit card guarantee requirements and charges for late cancellation, no-shows and early check-out.


7.10. 8 Dates: the precise dates/season change annually and can be seen for each hotel on the individual websites


7.10.11 Application Instructions: The Member must send the completed Free Stay Request Form to the Card Services.


7.10.12 The Card Services will check that the Member has the necessary points in order to send the free stay voucher.


  1. 10.13 Depending on hotel availability, the Member will be informed if the requested dates are not available.


  1. 10.14 When the dates are confirmed, the Card will issue a Voucher by email to the Member’s registered address.


7.10.15  It is recommended for our Club Members not to book any flight tickets or make any holiday bookings in advance, until they have received the voucher.


7.10.16 The Member may combine the free voucher with a tour operator or direct booking for additional days.


7.11 Hotel Extra Bills: The offer does not include extra charges in the hotel (extra meals, drinks, telephone etc.), flights or airport transfers.


7.12 Early Check Ins, Late Check Outs & Complimentary Transfer Benefits always subject to availability. The Member has to check availability with the reservations department of Contessina Collection.


7.13 Privileges & Points during Free Stay: All Card privileges are valid during the free stay.


7.14 Not-exchangeable: Free Holiday Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or refunds at any hotel or with any third party (including travel agent, tour operator)


7.15 Contact: All Free Holiday redemption bookings must be made through the Reservations Department of Contessina Collection.

  1. Privacy Policy & Data Processing




The General Data Protection Regulation is effective as from 25 May 2018 and applies all business that collect or process or both personal data across the European Union.  Our company collects and processes personal data in accordance with our Personal Data Protection Policy. Our company only collects your personal data with your consent to the collection, processing, and storage of your personal data.

By submitting their information on the membership application form, the members indicate their consent for Contessina Collection to process their personal details for membership in the  Card program


If you have any questions about the Noble Card, please ask the Reception or Hotel’s Concierge at any participating hotel.

The  Noble Card head office operates 12 months of the year and we would be delighted to assist you with any enquiries.

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