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Please keep in mind that these experiences are group experiences up to 6 persons

Life… north living
Tour on the northern part of the island.
A visit to a traditional farm with a warm welcome and tour around by an original Zakynthian family wearing their traditional uniforms… A swim to...
Word of… south
Tour on the southern part of the island.
  The purest beaches, traditional villages, breath-taking views and must-visit attractions all in one. After passing through little traditional villages the day starts with the...
And I’ m feeling Wine
The Vineyards and traditional winery tour
Only wine snobs will enjoy a winery tour… True? False! Even for people who have never thought of listing it as an interest on their...
Picnic, so farm so good 
Stylish picnic to a traditional farm
It is hard to disagree with W. Somerset Maugham’s view that “there are few things so pleasant as a picnic lunch”. In Paris used to...
Liquid Gold Time Stories
The olive grove &  olive mill tour with cooking lessons «If you disintegrate Greece, you will see that what you are left in the end...
The Big Picture Adventure
Photo safari 
Photography is not another function of your smartphone… Photography is putting human emotions into an image. Is the evidence of creating memorable moments… So put...
Meet the Therianos Family
A day with a traditional Zakynthian Family at an organic farm
“Narrating original stories” is Contessina’s team quote, and what’s more authentic than a visit to a traditional local family? At the Therianos Organic Farm -in...
Beauty & the beach I
A Rejuvenation Day at Xigia Sulphur Beach
Some age, others mature… We, on the other hand, prefer to follow this Contessina Wellness path which leads to a forever-young experience! Welcome to Xigia...
A spoonful of tradition
Spiliotissa Monastery and Bottega Museum Café Private Visit
Whether you are a believer or not, this private visit will definitely make you a disciple of Zakynthos’ most original side… Let’s get started at...
Poetry in motion
Α visit to the national poet’s museum, the hill where the national anthem of Greece was written, listening to the zakynthians poets lyrics played by a kantades choir.
The description of this experience tells it all… First stop: The “Museum of Dionysios Solomos, Andreas Kalvos and other Eminent Personalities of Zakynthos” is housed...
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