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The Caretta – Caretta Fairy Sail Story
Yacht cruise on the south part of Zakynthos
A 3 hour trip taking in the beautiful scenery. Sailing south to the stunning Keri Caves for your first stop, you will have some fantastic...
Beauty & the beach I
A Rejuvenation Day at Xigia Sulphur Beach
Some age, others mature… We, on the other hand, prefer to follow this Contessina Wellness path which leads to a forever-young experience! Welcome to Xigia...
And I’ m feeling Wine
The Vineyards and traditional winery tour
Only wine snobs will enjoy a winery tour… True? False! Even for people who have never thought of listing it as an interest on their...
Picnic, so farm so good
Stylish picnic to a traditional farm
It is hard to disagree with W. Somerset Maugham’s view that “there are few things so pleasant as a picnic lunch”.  In Paris used to...
Liquid Gold Time Stories
The olive grove &  olive mill tour with cooking lessons
«If you disintegrate Greece, you will see that what you are left in the end with is  an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. ...
Dine High
Sunset dinner at a private tree house
Can’t see the forest for the trees? Trust us! This time is for a good reason… Even better… For a very stylish, romantic and delicious...
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