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Winetasting @ our “93” (NovantaTre) Wine Cellar
Our brand new “93” (NovantaTre) Wine Cellar, is Contessina’s Libro d’ Oro.
The Libro d'Oro della Nobiltà Italiana (the Golden Book of Italian nobility) used to be the formal directory of nobles in the Republic of Venice...
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Degustation @ our Lentika Roof Garden or @ our “93” (NovantaTre) Wine Cellar
Relax in the wonderful setting of our top-notch restaurant’s roof garden with the magnificent views of the hotel gardens and pool. Or else, indulge to...
The Collectible “Anodea Mystagogy” therapy @ our Kamara Spa
Not another Spa therapy… Anodea (Contessina’s neologism resulting from the combination of the words Anode, which means elevation, + Dea, which means goddess) Mystagogy is...
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