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The Collectible “Anodea Mystagogy” therapy @ our Kamara Spa

Not another Spa therapy…

Anodea (Contessina’s neologism resulting from the combination of the words Anode, which means elevation, + Dea, which means goddess) Mystagogy is a honorable service to the renewal of body and soul, an initiation experience, a true beauty ritual…

Full of symbolisms and references to Greek mythology, this collectible holistic rejuvenation therapy follows the four stages of the initiation into the ancient mysteries: catharsis, offering, apogee, elevation.

Connect with the ancient Greek philosophy of “ef zin” (wellbeing) through this 90 minutes six hand body-face-hair treatment, exclusively designed by Aegeo Spa therapists.

Smell the therapy’s signature aroma, savor the lemon- mint refreshment, lit the 3 candles which represent your past, present, future and pamper yourself with the deluxe Anodea oil.  Will you resist to this true mystagogy?




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